About Us

We have always loved playing all kind of games, reading books and spending time with friends.

As the years passed and our experience increased, we felt like we could try creating our own.

Our first product, Pixle, was released in 2011 and we are quite happy to say it was a moderate success considering it was an all-time first attempt at developing a game.

At the end of 2012 we released our first app, Divine Gamebook Creator, which is still selling years after its launch.

On May 2015 we launched Realm Grinder, an idle flash game. This was much more positively received by the public, hitting the million plays threshold after only two weeks since its release and a solid 4+ star rating on Kongregate.

The Team

Alessio "Raiden, Farkran"

Country: Italy
Age: 37
Role: Writer, Concept Designer, (not very skilled) Artist

"I have been playing videogames many hours a day since I was 3, ranging from platformers to FPS, sometimes at a professional level. However, more often than not, I felt like the games I played were lacking something, be it a small story detail, a unique item or a good character to identify with.

Therefore, while I was attending high school, I started writing concepts for games which, sadly, would never see the light of day.

It wasn't until I met Luca that these concepts would become useful for our projects, tons of projects really, although only a few of those could actually make it to the public."

Luca "Illidan"

Country: Italy
Age: 35
Role: Programmer, Webmaster

"I started programming text adventures in QBasic when I was in grade school, and I have always been fascinated by it. Since then, I have learned a lot of languages, and I am fluent in C++, C#, PHP and Python as well as a lot of other minor languages.

I have created a lot of minor applications in the past years, mainly aimed at local businesses (hotels, shops, etc). The first public one was Pixle, a little flash game sponsored by ArmorGames.

Since the advent of CSS3 and HTML5 I have focused on web applications making heavy use of the new technologies, like our Gamebook Creator.

Other than programming, I like playing video games, watching (too many) anime and listening to music."