Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Can I export pdf/rtf gamebooks?

Yes. You will be able to export gamebooks in pdf and rtf formats, however they won't have all the features included in the HTML version, for obvious reasons. You can't possibly have a dynamic content RTF gamebook, although you can write a simple branching path book without using variables and conditions.

2) What are the other options to export and publish your gamebook?

You will be able to export your book in a single-file HTML format, just as the one you can see in our demo book. This format will allow the writer to use dynamic content such as conditions and variables, which can be used to create advanced gameplay mechanics such as character attributes, inventory, shops, experience levels, dynamic battles and much more.
As for the accessibility of the HTML format, you will be able to read and use HTML books on most of the modern digital platforms: all of the operative systems, tablets and most smartphones. It will also be compatible with most of the screen reader softwares. NEW! With the Developer Edition, you can also export in the HTML Mobile format, optimized for mobile devices. This new format also allows for further customization and additional perks.

3) Can I include pictures in their books?

Yes. Larger pictures will be resized to a thumbnail which you can click and view full size.

4) Can I print a tracemap of the book with this software?

Yes, we will include an option to generate a PNG image showing a color-coded map of all paths and locations in your book.

5) Does your software feature a random generator of events?

Yes. It includes a random number generator which you can use to skill-test or luck-test the reader. I will provide a couple examples:

  • You are trying to break through a wooden door: you will succeed if a sum of your strength attribute and a random value is greater than 15, otherwise you'll fail.

  • You are looking for an elusive creature that you need to kill before you can advance in your adventure: each time you visit its lair, a random number is rolled and if it is greater than 10 you will find your creature in there.

6) Can I create graphical adventures with your tool?

No, we are talking gamebooks and text adventures only. Graphics you can use are limited to pictures you provide.

7) How do I write a book using your tool?

Most of the features required to write a gamebook or a text adventure will be performed through the use of three simple commands: [cond], [op] and [jump].

  • The [cond] command checks if a a condition is true, i.e. if you own a certain item, if your strength is greater than a certain value, if you killed a certain enemy, if you have enough money, if you invited someone to your party and so on. If the condition is true, its associated text will be displayed, otherwise it won't.

  • The [op] command is used to declare and edit variables, i.e. if the reader collects some money you must use an operation to increase its money value.

  • The [jump] command is used to create choices and branching paths.

These commands are used in a bbcode-like fashion, which we find to be the easiest to understand and to use in a text editor. Here are some examples:

  • [cond=$Strength>10]This text will be shown only if your strength is greater than 10[/cond]

  • [op]$Money = +50[/op]

  • [jump=Page 3]Go to page 3[/jump]

In addition, there are many other utility commands for text-formatting, reader input and more.

8) What makes your tool better than other tools already out there?

We aim at providing the simplest and and most complete tool ever made in the field of gamebooks and text adventures.
We have browsed through other existing softwares and I can say without a doubt that none of them offers BOTH the ease of use and all the features of our tool.
Usually gamebook editors are very limited, poorly structured and bad looking: more often than not they don't include a dynamic content system (no variables and conditions, no RNG), they force you to create tons of copypasted pages for each choice you want the reader to make, or they have a very bad internal navigation system, meaning that when you reach a considerable amount of pages, you won't have a clue where to go when looking for something.
Our tool will not suffer from such problems as it will include dynamic content and an excellent internal navigation system with a tree-view of the book structure, the aforementioned tracemap and a jump-detect system that will show all jumps FROM and TO a certain page, creating buttons you can use to navigate directly through pages. Moreover, our program will include all the features of an advanced text editor such as automatic keyword highlighting, color coding, auto-complete and text folding.
On the other hand, text adventure editors are complete and not very limiting, but they are incredibly complicated to use. The large majority of those require some sort of programming knowledge, and the few ones which don't have 30+ pages of documentation describing features you will likely never use. A writer at his first book will feel overwhelmed and confused by the sheer amount (and uselessness) of options these softwares provide, and readers will probably miss the opportunity of having a new good book or adventure to play.
Our tool will not require any kind of programming knowledge and writers will be able to understand how it works intuitively and immediately, although we will provide a detailed documentation anyways.

9) I already bought the Standard Edition, but I would like to upgrade to the Developer Edition. Can I do it?

Of course. Go to this page and follow the instructions to perform the upgrade.