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Final Version 1.1.0

  1. Here you can see the syntax check in action.

  2. This shows the new Mobile Export feature included in the Developer Edition.

Beta Version 0.3.0

  1. This is how you add stats to the book using the root folder.

  2. This is the summary page.

  3. This is an example of how a reader can input its player name.

  4. Here you can see how you allow readers to input their stats. Notice the [statsleft] command, which manages stats points to distribute.

  5. In this (apparently) complex page you see how the program acquires stats points through the get() function, and how you can use advanced jumps.

  6. Here you can see an example of a real book page and initialization of many of the summary page variables.

  7. Another example of a real page: here you chose to take the money from page 1, therefore the summary page has updated your possessions.

Beta Version 0.1.1

  1. This is the "root" folder, where you set the name and starting page of your book. When those features are ready, you will also be able to set the summary page (left page), stats points and stats themselves in this folder.

  2. This is an example of a page and its HTML output.

  3. These are the three main commands: [cond] stands for Condition, [op] stands for Operation and [jump] stands for... well, jump.

  4. Some advanced features you can use with the three commands.

  5. This is how the random number generator works.

  6. Some text formatting.

  7. Folders can be useful to create an organized structure of your book, i.e. when you are in a large area and you want to name your pages after it, but you don't want to repeat that title every time, you can use a folder Prefix.

  8. Finally, this is a page featuring all we have showed thus far. Your book pages will look something like this, perhaps with more formatting and longer text.

You will probably notice that output pages have a lot of empty lines corresponding to unverified conditions, resulting in a bad looking text. Don't worry about this. We have already planned a [trim] command to remove any unwanted space.